Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Could not believe it...

Well I finally finish with my Associates degree and I am really happy about it.  But I made the mistake of deciding to start my Bachelor's degree which is not such a problem, with the exception that there is a class mate who seems to have issues with me.  I try talking to the girl about the problem but I am not coming with still no middle ground.  So today I finally talked with my academic representative and told him that I need to drop the class and change to another one because I am really not feeling comfortable taking this class and trying to do homework when all this class mate does is aggravated me.  I could not believe that there would be a day that I will be dropping out of a class because of somebody.  I went through a similar problem on another class but I was able to find a middle ground with the class mate and work things out even if we did not like each other, but this person she is is just too much anything I post or talk about it for her is wrong; then she has so many issues with my personal schedule that I was like really that is why I am taking classes online so I can do it at my own schedule.  But I guess some people cannot respect others schedule even thought we try to make it some what fair for the rest of the classmates.

Monday, May 7, 2012

College and Life!!!

So I started on the 10th of last month to continue my education.  I just finished my Associates degree so I figure why not keep on going and start my Bachelor's degree.  I think I should have stayed in vacation because for once this one is harder.  We have to do more assignments on group which I find it tedious because I have been doing all my assignments by myself so I do not need to wait for people to actually do their part of the assignment so I can send it to the instructor.  I do have to remind myself to just take it easy because not everyone can get their part done on time or whenever I need them to.  I do on the other hand find it crazy that people do not read their syllabus and I have to keep on reminding them how is it that an assignment needs to be don.  I thought that going to college meant that you were going to be dealing with adults but sometimes I think that it is just high school all over LMAO!!!