Monday, May 7, 2012

College and Life!!!

So I started on the 10th of last month to continue my education.  I just finished my Associates degree so I figure why not keep on going and start my Bachelor's degree.  I think I should have stayed in vacation because for once this one is harder.  We have to do more assignments on group which I find it tedious because I have been doing all my assignments by myself so I do not need to wait for people to actually do their part of the assignment so I can send it to the instructor.  I do have to remind myself to just take it easy because not everyone can get their part done on time or whenever I need them to.  I do on the other hand find it crazy that people do not read their syllabus and I have to keep on reminding them how is it that an assignment needs to be don.  I thought that going to college meant that you were going to be dealing with adults but sometimes I think that it is just high school all over LMAO!!!

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