Monday, March 19, 2012


I came to Florida for my daughter's B-Day party.  I have to say that I was surprise that everything went well for the most part.  Like always we had the drama that comes with almost most of my ex-wives's family.  I really do not understand if it is that they do not know how to leave personal problems behind and not bring them to kids B-Day parties.  Then of course it is my aunt which I really wanted to just slap her silly because she was driving me crazy.  I mean come on how many times do I have to tell her that because I only see my daughter once a year I have to give her the space that she needs so she can get used to back to me.  But no all she wants to talk out of her mouth is how much she wants me to hug my kid and to hang out with her.  First of all let me clarify that I did hang out with my kid and we had a wonderful time, but also I know it is her B-Day party and I do not want to monopolize her space because she needs to hang out with her friends and her family that came to see her so is not all about me it's also about what she wants. 

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